Dr. Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, M.A. Psychology and PhD in Business Economics runs a business psychology practice serving clients primarily in the financial and pharmaceutical sectors and the Danish military. She coaches leaders, and delivers tailored leadership programs.

In 2011 she opened her business psychology practice working with executives, executive teams and boards from over 20 leading companies in the fields of finance and pharma.

Earlier in her career, she worked in Defence Command Denmark, Right Management and Danske Bank – always in the domains of leadership development and organizational psychology.

A number of her clients wondered how they could achieve a sustainable high performance.

This question made her search for a method for maintaining high performance – even under pressure.

Merete travelled to West Point Military Academy, NATO Defense College, Stanford University, and Silicon Valley, interviewing leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. Her work was published in the book Battle Mind. How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform under Pressure.

Read more about the book here.

+45 2242 1672

Merete is Adjunct Professor in Leadership at IMD Business School.

Merete works with clients from corporations and organizations. She does not offer supervision of psychologists or sessions for private individuals.