How to handle a crisis

Being a leader, what can you do to prevent and handle the psychological aspects of a crisis situation?

This might give you insight:

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Leadership with courage, speed and wisdom

Executive Coaching & Battle Mind

Dr. Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg is an executive coach and organizational psychologist with more than twenty years of experience in developing executive teams, top leaders and talents. She focuses on the financial sector, pharma and the Danish military.

She is authorized by the Danish Psychological Organization and a certified specialist in organizational psychology. She holds a PhD in Business Economics from Copenhagen Business School, and a M.A. in Psychology from University of Copenhagen.

She is the author of Battle Mind: How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform Under Pressure.

Her approach to coaching is performance-centered and based on scientific research, broad case experience and long-term relationships with select clients. 

Merete takes point of departure in her research, when she advises leaders on creating effective and meaningful interactions through coaching and training programs. She creates cultures that enhance performance within groups and individuals.