Executive Coaching

Executive coaching consists of a course of individual conversations, which enable leaders and leadership talents to manage both current challenges within leadership and long-term development.

Executive Coaching is valuable when you are facing:

  • A new position within management
  • Great changes
  • Implementation of strategy
  • Difficulties in collaboration

As Executive Coach it is my task to find the optimal zone of proximal development and performance for my clients. I help my clients achieve their goals. But my assignment is also to support them in acting with responsibility, respect, human vulnerability, authority, and maturity.

My counselling is always focused on the span between the individual performance and the performance of the team. I draw on my knowledge from the experiences of military units in battle, combined with the latest research in neuropsychology and research on leadership and social psychology. Since finishing my PhD with a research stay at Stanford University, CA, I have returned every year to gain new inspiration and ideas for my coaching clients.

What is coaching?

A systematic method for development

Executive coaching is a series of conversations and psychological tests, which enable the client to gain the most from their abilities or situation, and function at the highest level of efficiency within their work-life; both short-term and long-term. Coaching is directed towards finding the best solutions for the future. I help clients understand their own resources and implications of certain behaviors, and find solutions to the challenges the clients are working on. I help the client look at the task from different angles and scrutinize different paths to action – instead of finding reasons for the situation or placing responsibility.

Tailored for the role as leader

In Executive Coaching the method is adjusted to the issues that are attached to the leadership role. The coaching sessions deal with areas including power and authority, identity and conflict management, as well as the level of impact and creation of results. In contrast to ordinary coaching or therapies, Executive Coaching not only has the purpose of creating individual development, but leads to improved commercial performance. The method is an outlined set of sessions combined with tests and other forms of data-collection. I identify concrete, personal and professional strengths and needs for development to support decision-making, problem-solving and action.

Customized to the precise needs of the client

No two coachings are the same. Each individual Executive Coaching is tailored to the leader’s specific personality and the target areas where he/she wants to improve performance. I have developed a methodology combining research, interviews, sessions and interactions that allow leaders to work on strengths and blind spots. The process empowers them to grow effectively and with authenticity.

Bases on tests

I use tests in the main part of the processes to validate the profile of the individual leader.

I am certified in a wide range of psychological personality tests; including specific tests and trials of the Danish Military, as well as the Emotional Intelligence Test (EQ-I), 360-Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (MRG), Hogan Assessment System personality test for both individuals and groups and lastly, the NEO-PI-R personality test for business.