“Suddenly we realize that we have the ability to think and act in explicit and decisive terms. Moreover, we may understand that the ability to make tough decisions – as opposed to adaption and flexibility – may be precisely what is required to achieve the exceptional.”

Wedell-Wedellsborg, M. (2015). Battle Mind. How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform under Pressure, p. 9

“People who do well under pressure all have one thing in common: they know the difference between constructive and destructive patterns of reaction.”

Wedell-Wedellsborg, M. (2015). Battle Mind. How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform under Pressure, p. 54

“Remind yourself what you are fighting for. When we are in the midst of battle, we often tend to forget “the big picture”. Consider your end vision in a long term perspective. That will motivate you as well as your co-workers.”

Wedell-Wedellsborg, M. (2015). Battle Mind. How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform under Pressure, p. 205

Battle Mind: Performing under pressure

Among other statements, the reviewers said the following:

Why do some people perform with grace under fire, while others lose their grip?

According to corporate psychologist Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, PhD, the answer can be found in that specific state of mind called Battle Mind. It is state of mind, which – hopefully – eventuates, when we are in a situation that requires immediate actions or decisions. In this state of mind, it becomes possible to perform with extraordinary clout and efficiency.

The book teaches you to make the most of the enormous power lodged in Battle Mind, and hence prepares you to meet the challenges you face in your working life. When you master Battle Mind, you improve your abilities to deal with adversity. This is an ability not reserved for the lucky few, on the contrary, it can be practiced and mastered by all who really want to have this skill.

On the basis of interviews with CEOs Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark and head of NATO, Niels Smedegaard Andersen, former CEO at Maersk, Christian Clausen, former CEO of the Danish bank Nordea, Henrik Sass Larsen, former Danish Minister of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs, Merete Eldrup, former CEO at the Danish television station TV2 and many others, the book provides you with a concrete and practical guide as to how you act and think advantageously under pressure – here and now in a decisive moment in the business world, but also when you need to motivate and engage others over a longer period of time.

The book addresses managers in particular, but may also inspire people who in their work life face a time of changing demands under pressure, and at a high pace.

“The book is very well written. It is wonderfully concrete and the language is very clear.”

“A powerful book on management, which not only tells the success stories.”

“The book is a refreshing contribution in a time where stress, mindfulness, and coaching are all the rage. Here is a book that puts things straight. Well done!”